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(PRWEB) August 10, 2005 -- There is now a way to barter online without having to worry about membership or transaction fees. www.u-exchange.com is a promising online barter site that provides a free service for business owners and consumers who want to barter for goods and services they require. The company also offers the option of home exchange for vacations or bartering professional services for accommodations.

"It's a great alternative for families on a budget and a great resource for new businesses,” says Co-Owner John C. Moore. Small business owners can barter on a local or international level for products and services while gaining more exposure and new customers.

Marcus Randall, Owner of Page 56 Media in Charleston, South Carolina said that within five minutes of signing up with www.U-Exchange.com, found a perfect marketer to barter his services with. "This marketer generates multiple leads daily for my services all the way from the other side of the country", says Randall.

Consumers are also able to barter their goods by offering items they no longer require in return for what they would like. "There's such a wide range of possibilities", says Co-Owner John C. Moore, "We have members that are willing to trade anything from children's clothing to million dollar properties. They all have one thing in common, they enjoy bartering."

www.U-Exchange.com currently has members willing to barter their personal services such as childcare, pet sitting and handyman work in exchange for an item or service. “Some of our members offering professional services are website designers, dentists, music producers and television show hosts,” adds Di Renzo.

www.U-Exchange.com is also one of the recommended home exchange sites by the United States Embassy in France. Eager travelers can browse listings for people heading in their direction and swap homes for a period of time they both agree upon. The two parties can exchange advice on directions to the best tourist attractions and suggest local entertainment by being each other's tour guides before the vacation.

Possibilities for taking a vacation are taken one step further with the option of bartering professional services to bed and breakfast owners, hotel owners and people who own vacation homes. "Many of our vacation home owners require services such as electrical work, plumbing, landscaping and more,” says Co-Owner John C. Moore. "You can offer your services in exchange for a stay in their vacation home for a certain period of time.”

Bartering does not necessarily have to be done on a local level. "If you are a web designer, your end of the deal can be honored from your home or office,” adds Moore. "The cottage or bed and breakfast owner would then specify dates that the accommodations would be available for occupancy." Hotel owners require numerous supplies to maintain their services. A business owner can supply these products or services in return for a stay in their hotel.

www.U-Exchange.com also contains an informative guide for people who may be new to bartering online. Once a person posts their trade, they become a member and are free to contact whomever they like. In just a short period of time the company has quickly grown to over 1400 members with listings in 51 countries. As Co-Owner John C. Moore states, "It's not a classified or auction site, it's a place where people can use their imagination and trade anything.”

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