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www.U-Exchange.com is the largest and fastest growing free swap site on the Internet with over 66,000 members. We specialize in all types of bartering including;  goods, services, home exchange (permanent or vacation), vehicles, boats, etc. This enables you to target traffic by interest or location. We receive over 1,200,000 page views per month and have been featured and seen on:

  • CNBC Video
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Google Current Video
  • The Today Show
  • Detroit Free Press 
  • CBS News
  • ABC World News
  • USA Today
  • The Guardian Limited Magazine
  • Real Simple Magazine
  • The New York Times 
  • BBC News
  • Globe and Mail
  • More

Advertising Rates

You have the option of placing a frequency cap on your ad/s. This means that any given visitor to U-Exchange will not see your ad more than 3 times in a day.

If you need a little help, we can work with you to optimize your banner/text ad and make suggestions as to which pages would best suit your company. Banners and creatives however, are supplied by you.

For rates or more information, e-mail us at . Let us know what areas you're interested in, the details of your ad and the duration you would like your ad to appear for.

Terms and Refund Policy

  • We do not accept ads from adult or pharmaceutical sites.
  • Accepted, submitted ads are non-refundable.
  • If you are experiencing hosting problems, we can temporarily pause your ad until the issues are resolved.
  • Ads are not automatically renewed.
  • All payments are made through PayPal. 

Barter Advertising

We're always ready to listen to advertising proposals whether for site sponsorship or prizes for members. Let's trade!


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