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Save Your Money
Dipping Into Reserves?  

When you're on a budget, it's hard to find the extra cash for the things you need. Sometimes you don't have a choice but to use some of the money you have set aside for a rainy day...or do you? There is a creative solution to conserving some of your cash and leaving Ms. Piggy alone, it's called bartering.

If bartering is something that you think they only did years ago, I can assure you it's back and better than ever. Not all barter sites involve scrip and barter currency. U-Exchange is a new approach to bartering online because it's a true barter site and not a barter exchange. There are no membership fees, barter currencies or commissions taken on trades; members are free to trade amongst themselves.

Visitors can browse listings for potential matches and contact members whose trade interests them. Of course they have a much higher success rate if they themselves list what they have to offer and what they seek in return.

The possibilities of trading on U-Exchange are endless. Businesses can barter for services, supplies or accommodations for vacation. People can trade goods they no longer use for items they need. Eager Travelers can barter homes for vacations and Webmasters can exchange links to increase search engine rankings.

U-Exchange lends a modern approach to good old fashion barter and makes it easier than ever to save money. By simply using your skills or things you have lying around the house that you don't use, you would be surprised at what you can gain.

Start Saving Money Signing up is fast, easy and your listing is instantly posted. Once you've signed up you can login to your homepage, add photos, contact people and have access to many great features, all for free. Join other creative people just like you who want to barter to save money. 

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