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For Immediate Release – May 12, 2005

Thinking about vacationing to a warm, sunny destination?  Maybe your thoughts are on those things that need to be done around the house like fixing the sink, painting the bathroom, or getting some new furniture.  There is now a simple way to barter for the goods and services you require or even home exchange, and all you have to do is go to www.u-exchange.com

It is possible to take that dream vacation and to get all those things done around the house without spending money.  “You can simply offer your professional services or items you no longer need in return for what you do need,” says U-Exchange Co-owner John C. Moore.  “Surely there is a plumber near you that could use some new bikes for his children.  There may be someone who is in need of your professional services who has furniture that would be perfect for your living room,” adds Moore.  As for taking that trip that you’ve always wanted, there may be someone willing to travel to where you are located who would home exchange for a period of time that you would both agree upon. 

U-Exchange also provides small business owners with a platform for exchanging goods and services.  “We supply a meeting ground for people who enjoy bartering, a membership provides access to all contact information, and the trade is set up between themselves,” says Co-owner John C. Moore.  “Once a company becomes a member there are no transaction fees, no commissions, and no barter currency”.

There are currently over seven hundred listings in just four months of operation. www.U-Exchange.com provides a free service for a wide range of bartering possibilities for both consumers and businesses.

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