Photos of Your Items

Don't Sell Your Items…Short

If you've been to a professional jeweler's lately then I'm sure you've noticed how everything seems to sparkle as soon as you enter the store.

This is because the owner of the store knows that his merchandise will look more appealing to his customers when they are displayed in background colors of navy blues, deep greens and crimson reds. He also knows that proper lighting and the way in which his jewels are displayed will draw the eye of a potential customer and increase his success.

This is exactly what you should do with the "jewels" you want to barter. If you're sending a photo of an item or if you're posting one in a barter club for people to view, then you need to take the time to make your items look pleasing to the eye. Remember that people are seeing it for the first time so put the effort into making sure your images are centered and in focus. Take your picture in proper lighting and always make sure to check the background for anything unsightly.           

You don't need to be a professional photographer but you do need to follow a few simple tricks to make your trade more successful. Be creative and use some items you have around the house to spruce up your photo. No matter how detailed your description is, photos will undoubtedly capture someone's attention more.

What's that saying again? A picture is worth a …well you get the picture.

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