Personal Bartering

Offer Personal Services

You may not be a professional but you may have some time to spare or be very talented in certain aspects of your life. Something as simple as bartering personal business services can help you tremendously.

You may be going away on holidays and need someone to walk the family pet, mow the lawn, tend to the pool or anything around the house for that matter. Someone may be looking for a temporary stay in your area. Be it for business or perhaps visiting a relative who doesn't have the extra room. Wouldn't it be great to barter with this person? Now your needs are met, so are theirs and no one has spent a penny.

Exchange Goods for Personal Services

If you have everything you need and more, you can offer a particular item in return for services you require. It could be extra furniture you have kicking around the house that you don't need anymore. This would be of great use to a family in need, a couple just moving into their new home or a business owner that is just starting out.

What will they have to offer you? What about their services such as plumbing, electrical work or repairs. It can even be something as simple as childcare or running errands. This is a great example of how people's needs can be met.

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