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      Name City Offering Seeking
    Rabindra Goa Majestic new villa in beautiful rural Goa, right ... British Columbia, preferably west coast / islands,...
    Ravikanth Visakhapatnam a villa close to the beach and surrounded by unive... looking to travel anywhere where its not too warm ...
  This trade has pictures Ajay New Delhi I can offer my home for exchange for vacation and ... I'm looking for helping others and getting th...
    Rohit Mohali home... client...
  This trade has pictures Sam Goa India This house is located in a very peaceful village i... I can take any house, apartment or any type of res...
    Ajata Pune Have a well furnished room on the terracce with at... Similar place anywhere in US, UK, Thailand. ...
    Amir Pune 2 double bedrooms one with on suite shower and toi... 2 bedroom flat (even one bedroom with sofa bed in ...
    Prithvi Raj New Delhi Dedicated Guest Floor comprising 2 Beds sleeping 4... One bedroom with en suite toilet / bath. ...

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