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Office Administrative to animal or pet setting. References!!

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Member Information
First Name/Nickname Michele
Last Name Available to Members Only
Telephone Available to Members Only
Telephone2 Available to Members Only
Preferred Language 1 English
Present Location
City Cincinnati
State/Province Ohio
Country United States
ZIP/Postal 45248
Trade Details
Barter Items and Services
What I Have To Offer : First before anything excellent references and or referrals. Personal and business. I've worked in a medical OB/GYN office at the age of 16 before Obama and all the HIPPA policies and regulations, hired at a wonderful bank at 17 while still in school and not a teller, nothing against tellers because they have a really tough job that usually they are not given enough credit for, it's just everyone assumes if I say I was employed at a bank they say "oh a teller?" dental supply company, law firm, HVAC office, Macys.
I always been employed primarily as an Office Assistant and or manager. Started working at the public library when I was 14 and have worked ever since till recently. With a few breaks in employment due to pregnancies and or the Domestic Abuse that started to occur later in my marriage.
Computer literate and typing proficient.
Computer/Data Entry/Filing
Administrative services.
Letter Writing
Inbound/Outbound calls
Customer Service
Cold calling.
Elderly visitation and or meal prep.
Animal Sitting Services
House Sitting Services
Cleaning and or restoration Services after a fire or storm.
Babysitting Services.
What I do not know how to do I am more than willing to spend the time to learn. I love learning anything new and always try to keep my skill set at it's peak.
Any available work you need done I can do it. My only concern is transportation. But have worked online from my home before also. So I'm familiar with a remote setup if needed or requested. Please do not hesitate to contact and ask, I'd love to hear from you and see if I can be of any assistance to you. If not not harm done. Just extended my network to include you. Currently my support system is not the greatest so all would be good.
What I'm Looking For : Desperately need a running vehicle and Job.
Dentist willing to implant new teeth, so I can take photos with my children again.
I can also prepare meals in exchange for work done.
Carpentry services for home that is falling apart. Has mold in what I believe every room.
Paint and supplies
Garage roof replacement
Basic home repairs well past due
Lawn and tree service, stump removal and overgrown weeds. Dead trees need removing before they fall and hurt someone or another structure.
Really need driveway and concrete work. Your either in a ditch or ruining the underside of your vehicle if you attempt to pull in. I have to warn anyone even the inspector who is working with me but again one person can only do so much.
I'm not afraid to try anything myself that needs doing or use the heavy machinery normally required but naturally we don't have, but I'd give it a try or attempt to learn or help anyone else offering their help to me for any home/remodel job, project that will prolong the life of my home and families survival. That's is one of my primary jobs and I take that very seriously. Often nervous or scared but it has to be done. And after the abuse of my marriage and having someone hold a gun to you that claims to love you at the same time has put me in the position to know I am capable of more than what I am currently doing. I've already learned quite a few new skills, just don't have the proper tools for the jobs needing to be done. But leave it to a responsible mom, we always find something, maybe unconventional, but will work miracles for that specific task. And till now I have always worked and never had trouble obtaining employment. Although ex spouse was court ordered to pay and I remain in the home, after that spouse decides he doesn't want to pay and files bankruptcy after he removes Everything from the home, only thing court does is hold him in contempt and probation. But I'm responsible for filing every week he doesn't pay if I want to attempt to get anything and that includes me paying for court costs, filing fee's, and collecting if I'm lucky enough to locate a bank account in his name. Well he hasn't paid anything and w/o a car, not living on or near a bus line, and penniless you might as well say it's impossible to go downtown to file for anything. I had to prioritize and try and do this on my own. Which is for the best since being in a court room with him has went bad previously.
food, clothing, household items.
Any donations
furniture really need a queen size bed mattress & box springs. Twin bed set same as above, everything basically. Any bedroom furniture, sheets, lamps, phone, etc. Pretty much like moving out of your parents home for the first time but with now 3 children, and no vehicle or job. My resume is excellent, references absolutely wonderful, but because of the permanent scarring and having all my teeth knocked out, I don't exactly fit in the office environment anymore, even with my skill set. I've never been told that directly but you can see it in others eyes when they try and compare the person with what they read on a resume. So no matter what impression I make I seem to continue failing, which is exactly what my ex spouse wanted and has succeeded in doing. I'm at a dead end with no light out.
I need everything to start a new life for me and my two children and grandson after a very very abusive marriage and divorce. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read this post. Take Care.

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