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Barter Pro Photo/Restore, PPT, Graphics Barter & More

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Member Information
First Name/Nickname Susan in Old Town
Preferred Language 1 English
Present Location
City Alexandria
State/Province Virginia
Country United States
ZIP/Postal 22314
Trade Details
Barter Items and Services
What I Have To Offer : 1. Location Photography (House Photos, Family Gatherings, Item Photography, Corporate Photos, Inventory Photo (or Video) Recording Services. (We prefer to perform services as noted below that can be done remote and provided digitally, but will consider location support/work on a case by case basis or as part of an overall project(s).

2.Photographic Restoration (Old Photos (and I love restoring old family photos) but there are other photos and images that you may need adjustment for an advertisement, your scrapbook, your Christmas card, your corporation presentation. (I can make your hair look more professional if it isn't. I can get rid of wrinkles on your shirt, or shine to your bald head, forehead, nose, and remove afternoon shadow or clean up your eyebrows, and cloak, or fix a tooth or your teeth, and of course make them a brighter,natural color. I like the challenge.

3. Photographic Manipulation (Remove People, Edit, Ad Message Overlays, Remove Your Wrinkles, Color Correct, Image Enhancements (Faces, Various Issues or Preferences, Other Requests, Art Degree Background for image correction. Text or Graphic Overlays for ads, online pages, Color & Lighting Correction) Love to Fix Old Family Photos in Bad Condition! Whoops, I said that already, but I do. I enjoy the challenge and the results make me smile, and often hear from family members who are so appreciative and that drives my work and interest. I'm into the detail. I can colorize, or spot color, and have reservations on this to make sure that your expectations of an old black and white photo are in tune with the reality, that old photos (unless I spend enormous amounts of time) will never look like a photo taken form a Nikkon.
(That's the camera, I use for other work.)

4. Powerpoint Graphics Design (Custom & Stock, Highest Quality, Dynamic Backgrounds (Pick a subject, any subject) (I have dozens of background images created I've never used..(or used that I created, so there are no rights issues) but create as I see something that might be helpful in the future. I've done hundreds of these, many for my professional use, and many for clients. Now, more than ever, if you have competition or a challenge, thinking about how you come across in any situation and how to reinforce and communicate your message...adjustments and your collateral materials and the choice of what they should be makes a significant difference. But, let's throw that out. They want to work with you or engage with you if they believe in you, and believe in your message. We look at the situation, your resources, and help you if you so desire to develop your 'personal' persona and marketing messages and materials.

5. Messaging Refinement & Communication Style Training. Before the presentation or in development, graphics and the text don't matter a bit without the focus and Messaging Refinement. (From the outline to focus, how you communicate a key point on each slide or before or after the slides is a specialty. Maybe those aren't needed at all. The messaging (and that is a general term, and this might relate to a report, an interview, a business meeting, a conference presentation, a meeting with the city council, or networking and ice-breaking and etiquette at a party.) is a priority element. It's the narrative of your story and where we want to lead them. We provide Impact and work with Fortune 100 companies, Media Experience, PR Experience.

WAIT! Why am I posting here. One of us is semi-retired, I work on projects as I like, if I can and have been doing this for years, and rather than pay a service for some things we need, would rather establish some good barter relationships where the parties compliment each other, versus just hiring a service.

6. Technical Imaging as relates to Chart Creation (Like to do and like to take a concept of elements and show in visuals as they impact and tell a tale, and focus your eyes on the key elements. This help in audience engagement and retention. As expected, we have done many charts/graphics - from... Value Chains, SWOT, etc.) I have some timeline templates that I just love and think you would too if that communicates your message. Love to develop the graphic design, marketing or related personal strategy (tactic selection), the template, overall feel and image in how you communicate, and source, create, find, insert photos, with the philosophy of the visuals selected with focus on less text, or refined text messaging (be it verbal or if a report, written)

These should be supported or driven by visuals (photos, graphics) as your viewer/reader retains only select areas (and only a couple of things they remember overall, so we focus on the messaging and a call to action, engagement and retention.

The focus is fundamental. (This listing would be an example of too much text and off-focus, but I'm writing this without editing, and trying this out for the first time. I don't know who's reading this and I see assorted ads with different services or items to barter so I'm going for the more than less approach to test this out. It depends on how this site segments an pulls out keywords and how their search engine works.

Is my more than less text working right now? It's working a little bit, if you're reading this sentence.)

7. Powerpoint Editing (This is now as natural for me to do as talking. I'm a Pro. Author and I've been a Magazine Editor, and createdGraphics Development for Conferences, Individuals, More.

8. Editing & Writing Services (Author, Mag Editor, TV/Radio, Report Writing)

9. Brioni Mens Suits 40/42 (Got you there, I changed the subject a bit. I'm female...but the other half has outgrown (so to speak) the ability to wear some of these.

7. Golf Balls (Several Hundred/Good Condition to Excellent A Brands to B Brands Sorted. Used A condition to B as selected from Callaway, Nike Titleist, or down. My friend here is retired and works/worked as a marshall at golf course for fun, avid golfer and they are now taking up too much room. He can also provide beginning golf instruction (I suspect, haven't asked him...but odds are great) , and refinement to use this in business settings. (I can ask, but he loves this, so fairly sure.)

8. Day of Garden Work (HUH, you want to offer that service. I though you worked behind a computer or interacted with folks for training and more?)
(Weeding, Planting, Trim, Sweeping, Not Mowing Unless Small Yard, You have Mower or Suitable for Small Manual Mower WE Have, Garden Design (Have Photos of Our Garden/Flowers/) I enjoy doing this personally, and working with the homeowner (Okay, you, the person) who also has a personal interest and works in the yard. Bricks crooked for flower beds and other 'fix its'' I enjoy. Yep, I love to fix things too in other areas.)

9. Biz Plan Editing & Writing - Preference for Chart Development & Graphic Element Designing for Impact, but with established experience in all aspects. Other here is high level writer of government, policy, international papers, and the grammar, editor checker and ability to enhance and adjust for professional impact copy. As a past magazine editor, and author, my expertise is not as much on line copy editing (had an editor to edit me. And you can see by now, I needed that) although I can, but in concepts, content generation, and organization, focus, selling and marketing strategy and tactics, and impact messaging, I live in that space.

The biggest mistake I see repeated commercially, in academic settings, interviews, personal is matching or creating with that reader or viewer.

This ad would fail my inspection. But, I'm throwing this out to see if anything comes back. This could be refined to a short list, but sometimes, the reader wants to feel more connected. Copy, whether 1st, 2nd, or 3rd person would be considered. I'd probably edit this copy down so you think I'm not bragging. There's a fine line in communicating skills if you can't show them and not being considered pretentious.

10. On-Line Survey Development, Tabulation, Deployment, Works on Android, IOS. Economical. I do this for other clients right now, and easy for me to add additional surveys with a focus on customer feedback, perceptions, qualitative, (of course quantatitive) with consideration of the survey taker's time and motivation for doing so.

11. Business Consulting & Mentoring Services, Marketing Strategy Development Expertise, Fortune 100 Company Clients & References. (You mean you're still reading this?

12. Graduate Degree & Master's Degree, Thesis Assistance, Tutoring, Certain Subjects, services rendered in past for top 5 major universities in this area. Focus (our personal interests) Business, MBA, Political Science, Government,International, Media, Commmunications, Digital Media, Broadcast, Public Service, Psychology, Public Policy, International Relations, International Politics, Various, Supported Subjects worked on in the path, outside our personal interests, including Health, HR, Interior Design, Legal, and more. Various Students. Sensitivity and cultural experience with International Students and customs from the Middle East to China, or next door. Worked with those whose first language is not English (ESl) We work in most area excluding engineering studies and advanced degrees in mathematics.

Assistance in paper writing, research, citations/footnotes (formats for MLA, APA and any version, plagiarism free, and plagiarism checking of existing materials. Use of Zotero and other citation management tools and we'rve worked with papers, journal submissins on various levels with papers that have 10 references to a paper with more than 900.) (Talk about tedious!) Undergraduate Assistance of Course, High School Prep for College not a difficulty at all. The key factor is the relationship between the student/person/us and if both feel it is a good match. Both of us have traveled around the world (still do for presentations we're invited to present, and in the past year China, Europe.)

13. New Media & Digital Media Services, audio voice services for presentations or video. professional voice-overs, professional voice overs, voice mail and voice mail voice overs. Share Your Screen/Web Conferencing Set-Up. Set-Up of Phone Recording for archival or marketing purposes. Female professional voice (that's me) available here, and also a male voice. Easy for you to decide if you like the voice once you hear it.

14. Digital Video Services (Available, but barter only for simple editing, can video tape insertion into PPT and online. Of course, existing video insertion and seamless integration into PPT a breeze. Advanced Animation work in PPT easy, for transitions, fades, timed reveals, layered to communicate with the motion (used only when it assists, and avoid detracting from message). The focal point or impact is related to your message (content and what you want them to do after they hear your presentation).

15. Presentation Training (We're great at this. Evaluating and Working with you to improve your presentation skills, voice, (get rid of those annoying uhs, ahs, and other distracting manners, and work with you on your voice inflection, accent, tempo, and/or interactions with others (Q and A prep, predictions of questions, phrasing of answers, politically correct and in accord with PR restrictions or efforts) for conferences, interviews, proposals, more, We're kind sensitive patient or I am. We take the bad copy/good cop approach as needed. Much of this work can now be done online with web conferencing, but an in person run-through, and rehearsals allows the presenter to be (as needed) challenged to defend their position. Getting someone in another environment is key if there is apprehension about public speaking. Of course, we have and work on techniques for deflecting a question, or methods of how to answer a question when you don't know the answer. And in that case, you come across as intelligent, credible, and personally friendly and cordial. Easy for us to assist in these areas.

16. Corporate Intelligence and Research Gathering. Very Deep Research and Investigative Methods.

17. Corporate Events Organization, methods to bring together influentials or engage where they see a value with working or participating. (This service would be limited, but can advise on how to set up, etc. based on our interests, ask? You never know)

18. Political & International Relations, Media & Communications Various Services. Tell Us Your Goal

19. Social Media Set-Up of Twitter, FB Pages, Scoop-It, PearlTrees, LinkedIn, Google+, more (Ongoing Content Generation Also provided for Select Business Sectors. (If we like the field, or area, or we're already doing research in this space, content generation daily or every few days welcome addition to our normal interests.)

If you're sincere in moving your career, work, or your life ahead and want help with various techniques and tactics and how to present, and need help in the presentations (or a report, advertising or marketing package of materials or single elements), we make a significant difference and know we can help you.

But I am afraid I came across as we don't work with someone just starting out or who wants to change careers.

No matter if you have broken English, your job is white collar, blue collar, and you work in waste management or Dairy Queen. Your background and education level does not matter. We like working with people in all areas and levels of experience, we welcome the diversity and challenge.

Ask me if I can do something and tell me why? There might be a great match or not.

What I'm Looking For : 1. Organizational Help In our Home, Attic, Paperwork, Clutter, Filling.

2. General Housekeeping Help. 8. Folding Clothes and Putting Them Up and Changing Sheets. Things I hate to do. When things get busy, picking up behind me.

3. Tax Services and Advice

4. Web Design Services. (I find it easier to do other work, than figure out or update y own work.

5. Scanning of Materials

6. Paint A Room, Maybe?

7. Car Repairs Maybe As needed (Hondas)

8. Computer Training & Repairs (although I can tear down a PC to the motherboard and back, I have need for briefings on computer technology outside my core, or of a higher level and engineering briefings. Moving over data from selection of hard drives, and old computers. Database clean-up and upkeep, and possibly data entry (this does not need to be the same person, nor is it often) setting up a CRM system, and prioritization of contacts, and reminders. Plus, there seems to always be a glitch in something, and you would save me time if you already know something rather than my trying to figure it out myself. I also want to learn some very advanced video editing skills, and play and learn other graphics software and more so, shortcuts.

9. Personal Assistance, from running an errand to handling phone calls, and various other things that relate to organization. You name it....and would have to determine if some of this is here or just on-line or both.


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