Help With Keyword Search

Here are Some Helpful Tips for Your Keyword Search.

1. Are you entering too many fields? Try entering less fields for more results. 

2. Are you entering the name of a small town in the "City" field? If so, enter the name of a larger city that's closest to that area.

3. Are you using long sentences? Use one or two words to start.

4. Are your words too detailed? For example, are you entering a specific date for a home exchange, a year or model of a car, a color or size of an item? Simplify your search and you will get more results.

5. Try variations and different spellings of words. For example:

- Motorcycle, Bike, Harley
- Car, Vehicle, Auto, Ford, etc.
- Gray, Grey
- Color, Colour
- House cleaning, Housekeeping

6. Remember that if someone spells a word incorrectly in their listing, they will not result in the keyword search.

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