Katrina Housing

Offer Accommodations to Victims of Hurricane Katrina

www.U-Exchange.com is offering people an opportunity to open up their homes to help house evacuees of Hurricane Katrina. This can be done by going to the Post Your Trade page and entering how many people you can accommodate and details of your location.  Please use the "What I Have To Offer" field for all your information.

When You Post:  Please make sure that the first sentence of your listing includes the words "Katrina" or "Katrina Home Offer" so organizations or others may easily identify you.

Be sure to provide complete contact information such as address, phone numbers, e-mails, etc. We allow contact information to be posted in all fields for people offering aid or to charitable organizations.

We would also like to Thank You for opening your hearts and your home to people in need. If you require further information please conact us at

If you are unable to provide accommodations, you may still contribute a financial gift to support victims of Hurricane Katrina by visiting or calling the following organizations;

KatrinaHousing.org Housing Oppurtunities for Katrina Survivors

Red Cross 1-800-HELP-NOW
For different options please click on the banner below.

FEMA 1-800-440-6728

Christian Relief Fund  1-800-858-4038

The Salvation Army  1-800-SAL-ARMY 

The American Red Cross

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