How U-EX Works

Browsing Trades

Both visitors and members are able to browse trades. You can search any Country, State (U.S.) or Province (Can.) or you can be more precise by using our Keyword Search. We also have a Map Location button at the top of each category.


You can contact any member whose trade interests you simply by clicking on the contact button in their listing. For privacy reasons, the member's e-mail address will not be visible to you. Your e-mail is sent through an anonymous contact form in which you must enter your message and your reply e-mail address. You must also re-enter a random eight digit security code which is already provided for you on the contact member page. Visitors are able to read the U-Exchange Discussion Board but can only post by becoming a member.


Once you post a trade (sign up) you become a member. Then login to your personal homepage with the password that you've selected. Once a member, you can...

  • Trade as much as you like at no cost.
  • Send and receive messages from your personal U-Exchange E-mail Inbox.
  • Post of up to three photos which are automatically resized for you.
  • Edit your listing/s anytime you like from your home page.
  • Post up to two hyperlinks of your websites.
  • Add details to your profile and avator for the discussion board.
  • Post on the message board
  • Bookmark listings that interest you. These listings will be saved on your homepage to view at a later date.
  • Select the red icon when your trade is complete or you're going away on holidays. You can still login at anytime to re-activate your account by selecting the green icon. 
  • View Latest Members to Join only. This is for members who check in daily and do not want to browse through all listings again.
  • Add new listings to your account or delete old ones at anytime.

Helpful Hints When You Sign Up (Post a Trade)

List a detailed explanation of what you are offering and what you are seeking, don't leave people guessing. This is also important if someone is using the keyword search feature, you'll be easier to find. Listings with very little or no details will be deleted.

After You Sign Up (Post a Trade)

You will be assigned a Green icon. This means you can "go" trade as much as you like. If you have completed your trade or are going away on holidays, you can "stop"  trading by selecting the red icon in your Edit Profile. Your post will not be visible to viewers at this time but you are still able to login and browse listings. To resume trading, simply select the green icon again.

Note: If you immediately select the red icon after signing up, your listing will be deleted. 

 Active Member   Member

 Camera Icon  Members with Photos in Their Listings

Inactive Member   Completed Trade/On Holidays

  Viewed Listing Listings You Have Viewed This Visit

Why Our Service is Free

Spotlight Advertising is available on our website for business owners. This waives the cost for people who want to exchange.

Our Guarantee

At www.U-Exchange.com we promise to provide you with quality listings and prompt replies to all inquires. We take great pride in our customer service. Whether you are a member or if you're simply visiting, you are a valued customer and a part of our growing community. If you have any questions, concerns or need assistance in any way, do not hesitate to contact us at


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