Home Exchange for a Vacation

Home Exchange or Home Host

Home exchange is a great alternative for families on a budget or for people who want to travel adventurously. It's a very affordable way to travel because you save on hotel fees and expensive restaurants. If the other party is willing to exchange vehicles then think of the money that would be saved on renting a car as well.

The people you exchange homes with could also give you great tips on the best places to visit while you're visiting their area. Who better knows your desired destination than the ones who live there? By planning ahead, you can exchange advice on great locations to visit by each other's tour guides.

Of course home exchange isn’t something that you jump into or decide at the last minute. There’s always a substantial amount of communication with home exchangers before saying bon voyage so any concerns are dealt with before the bags are packed.

If you happen to establish a friendship from your home exchange adventure, then you’ve gained more than just memories of a wonderful holiday. Home Exchange can also flourish into home hosting, where you entertain your guests for non-simultaneous vacations.

Barter Your Professional Services for a Vacation

Vacationing can be made affordable by simply offering your professional services to bed and breakfast, hotel and cottage owners. Many of these owners can offer travel accommodations for services rendered such as painting, landscaping, repairs and even advertising for their business.

You can offer your services in exchange for a stay in their vacation home for a length of time that you both agree upon. If you own a company, you can supply products or supplies to a hotel or B&B owner in return for their accommodations.

Bartering does not necessarily have to be done on a local level. If you are a web designer for example, your end of the deal can be honored from your home or office.

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