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Ola Home Exchange, Good-Bye Expensive Vacations

Ever sit with a friend as she recites an exciting story of her romantic vacation in Mexico? You may have found yourself day dreaming, imagining lying on the beach sipping tropical drinks beside your hubby wearing his seductive Speedos.

Admiring her golden complexion, you think, “I couldn’t possibly afford a vacation right now,” as she hands you photos of her adventurous hike through the Mayan ruins.

You could shop around for discount airfares but then there are always the expenses of hotel, car rental and dining out, right? Wrong. There’s something called Home Exchange and lots of people do it. Now before you start day dreaming again, I can assure you that it’s the perfect alternative to wishing you were in your friend’s photos.

For some people, home exchange isn’t just a one-time deal. Many continue to home swap year after year and it no longer becomes a question of saving money but rather gaining new friends in distant places and adding some extra spice to a vacation.

You offer them your home for their vacation and they in return, do the same for you. Besides, who better knows your desired destination than the ones who live there? You can exchange homes for a couple of weeks, trade vehicles and even exchange useful travel tips on hot spots and great local entertainment.

Of course this isn’t something that you jump into or decide at the last minute. There’s always a substantial amount of communication with home exchangers before saying bon voyage so any concerns are dealt with before the bags are packed.

If you happen to establish a friendship from your home exchange experience, then you’ve gained more than just memories of a wonderful holiday. Home Exchange can also flourish into home hosting, where you entertain your guests for non-simultaneous vacations.

It’s a special way to take your dream vacation without going broke and now you’ve saved enough money to purchase other things while on vacation in Mexico…like bottled water or a new bathing suit for hubby.

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