More Helpful Hints

Here's some do's and don'ts when signing up.

Do enter your information in detail. For example, if you are a web designer and you want to trade your services then be specific so your listing reads something like this:

"I am a web designer with five years experience and I am willing to design a site for a home exchanger or business. In return I'm looking for a weekend getaway at a bed & breakfast or similar. Please phone or e-mail me if you're interested".

This provides people with a better understanding of your trade and will make your listing show up if someone is using the keyword search feature.

Don't try placing a business ad or job listing in the "post your trade", it will be deleted. This is for people who want to barter only. To Place an ad on www.u-exchange.com, please read Advertising

Don't assume people know what you're looking for in trade by entering one or two words.

Do add photos! Listing with photos get more views. They make your trade much more appealing and grab the attention of people browsing listings. Once you've added photos, a camera icon will appear next to your name.

Do enter the country you are vacationing to, not just the city. There are many cities in this world with the same name!

Do enter your vacation date and duration, this is very important to someone who is interested in your listing but is not sure if their vacation date and yours coincide.

Don't wait around for someone to contact you! Initiate contact with people, make your trade happen instead of waiting for it to happen. That's why everyone's here.

Do post your listing in the language you prefer or are most comfortable with if you only want to trade locally with someone.

Do use more than one listing for different types of trades. This causes less confusion.

Don't leave where you want to vacation a mystery! If you're willing to go anywhere in Europe for example then make sure you add that in your details. This will make your listing much more approachable than to leave people guessing.

Do list in multiple languages, remember that your second language is somebody's first!



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