On a Budget? Be Frugal!

What better way to be frugal then to trade your items or services for things you need. Bartering is a great way to save money but most places charge membership or transaction fees and that doesn't make much sense to us!

At U-Exchange, it's free to contact, post and trade. As a visitor, you can contact any one of our members through their anonymous contact form or by Posting Your Trade you'll become a member of our fast growing community and have access to many great features, all at no cost. We provide the meeting ground and you set up any type of trade you like, it's that easy.

If you're new to the frugal world, no problem. We've written an informative guide called Barter 101 for people who are new to bartering online.

Frugal Ideas

Swap Items 

Trade your appliances, furniture, electronics, collectibles, art and everything else for something you could use in return. There's always someone that could use what you no longer need.

Trade Services   

Offer your services such as daycare, house keeping, pet walking or running errands. The Holidays are quickly approaching, consider Christmas shopping for busy business owners in return for gift certificates or products. Keep them for yourself or give them away as gifts!

Business Barter 

Small business owners can barter for supplies such as computers, office equipment, products or services. Some of our customers who are business owners are open to all types of business bartering. You gain more customers in the process because these are not people that you would have normally done business with.

Home Exchange for a Vacation 

Home exchange is a great alternative for families on a budget or for people who want to travel adventurously. It's a very affordable way to travel because you save on hotel fees and expensive restaurants. If the other party is willing to exchange vehicles, then that will save you on costly car rental as well!

Trade Vehicles

If you're selling your car or boat to buy another one, skip a step and trade it instead. If what you're offering and what you seek in return are not of equal value, throw some cash in to boot

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