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~ Frequently Asked Questions ~

Why is it Free, What's the Catch?

No catch. Advertising is available on our website. This waives the cost for people who want to trade without the cost of membership fees or pay per trades. Our advertisers appear on the right hand column of country, state and province pages when browsing through listings. 

How Do I Contact a Member?


You can contact any member whose trade interests you simply by clicking on the contact button in their listing. For privacy reasons, the member's e-mail address will not be visible to you. Your e-mail is sent through an anonymous contact form in which you must enter your message and your reply e-mail address. You must also re-enter a random eight digit security code which is already provided for you on the contact member page.


Since you are already a member, you do not have to enter a security code. Just click on the Contact button when viewing a member's listing and the e-mail that you signed up with will be used as the reply e-mail address. A link to your listing is automatically inserted for you in the e-mail that you send.

Available to Member's Only?

Visitors see this message in certain fields of a member's profile. This keeps member's personal information private. If you already are a member and still see Available to Member's Only, it is either because you have not logged into your account or because you have been inactive for more than 20 minutes. This is a security precaution so if you forget to log out, no one else can access your personal details if you are sharing a computer.

Am I Asking Too Many Questions?


~ Facts ~

I Don't see a Match so I'll Come Back Another Time

Just like you are browsing through these pages right now, so are many other people. One of which may have what you are looking for, but they don't see you either. If everyone thought like that there wouldn't be one single post on this site!

I've Posted My Trade so I'll Just Wait for Someone to Contact Me

People that trade successfully are the ones doing the contacting. Many people are open to suggestions and would be more than willing to consider your trade offer. Check in often because there are many new people signing up daily and current members that are changing their listings depending on their needs.

I'll Add Photos Later 

Take a moment and think about the listings you clicked when you were browsing. We can bet that many of them had that little camera icon beside their name. It's human nature to want to see the item or service you're looking for. Even if a photo for your trade doesn't really apply, then one of yourself will get you that little camera and lots of views. It develops a trust with another member which is a very good first impression. Listings with photos get three times more views!

It's Hurts When I Do This

I'm sorry, we can't help you. Please see a physician.

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