Donate Anything

Make a Kid Smile
Do you have lots of things lying around the house that you no longer use? Why not donate them to people in need. Children's clothing, toys, books, bikes, furniture, appliances and any other item you can think of. It's a great way to recycle, get rid of extra clutter around the house and help someone out at the same time.



Donate Your Time
Donate an hour or two of your time like running a few errands, walking someone's dog or mowing their lawn while they're away. Even a couple of hours of babysitting or fixing a broken step for a single parent can help tremendously.

"The Value of a Man Resides in What He Gives and Not
What He is Capable of Receiving."

Albert Einstein

Up until now our free service has been for people trading items or services and that's why we ask that you select a category when signing up. If you'd like to give something away, please select the "Goods/Services" category and you can enter anything you'd like in the fields provided.

If we receive a positive response from providing this free service and more generous people like you posting, we'll create a specific category for donations.

Please post only if you are donating. If you are seeking an item or service, you can browse through our listings and contact.

Post Your Donation  It's fast, easy and your listing is instantly posted. Once you've signed up, you can login to your homepage, add photos, contact people and have access to many great features, all at no cost. And by the way, Thanks!




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