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Barter is the perfect solution to conserving cashflow for families on a budget, business owners or eager travellers. At www.U-Exchange.com, we've combined all of your bartering needs under one roof. You can barter goods, services, vehicles and even homes for a vacation, all at no cost.

With no membership or transaction fees, we make it easier than ever to find people to trade with. As a visitor, you're able to contact any member whose trade interests you or you can become a member at no cost, have access to many great features and be part of our fast growing community.

U-Exchange Has Been Featured in the Barter New York Times

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Barter Goods  You can barter anything from vehicles, boats, appliances, furniture, collectibles and art, to just about anything else you can think of.

Barter Professional Services  Professionals such as lawyers, dentists, plumbers, painters or electricians can barter for services with other business owners.

Barter Personal Services  Offer services like childcare, pet sitting or running errands in return for other services you require.

Barter Vehicles  Eliminate the steps of selling and buying by trading your car, truck, motorcycle, RV or ATV with someone that has a vehicle of equal value.

Barter Homes  Save on expensive hotels and restaurants by home exchanging with members who want to vacation in your area.

Post a Trade  Sign up is fast, easy and your listing is instantly posted. Once you've signed up, you can login to your homepage, add photos, contact people and have access to many great features. All for free. So join other creative people in New York just like you who want to barter instead of buy what they need.


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