Bartering is Based on Trust , Trust Me

Good Communication

It's the key to bartering successfully and in most cases it's a verbal or written agreement between two parties. It involves communication such as e-mailing, speaking on the phone, sending pictures to each other and it certainly doesn't hurt to ask for references.

Remember that they have the same concerns you do. If you're suspicious or doubtful, then it's most likely for a good reason. This is the time when you listen to that little voice (no, not voices) inside of your head and cancel the deal politely. It is acceptable to change your mind if you don't feel comfortable with a certain situation or if you feel that the other party is doing something illegitimately.

I would suggest however, that you tell the person that you've been negotiating with that you're no longer interested. This saves them from waiting around for your response. If you've already made an agreement with someone, it is not okay to change your mind just because someone else has offered you something better. A deal is a deal and you should honor it, consider it an electronic handshake.

If someone has already followed up with his or her end of the bargain then you should return your offer in a timely manner. Procrastinating will only leave the other party with doubts of trust. If something urgent has come up and you can't honor your end of the deal right away then you should inform them that you've been busy and that you have not forgotten them. It is not necessary to go into great personal detail!

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