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If You're New to Bartering Online, Barter 101 Offers Helpful Suggestions and Advice on the Barter System.

Introduction to the Barter System Online

Bartering is growing in popularity today with consumers and businesses realizing that it's a great way to budget and a creative way to lower expenses. It certainly isn't something new... read†more

Photos of Your Items

If you've been to a professional jeweler's lately then I'm sure you've noticed how everything seems to sparkle as soon as you enter the store. This is because the owner of the store knows that his merchandise... read more

Barter With Etiquette

Always introduce yourself professionally and in a courteous manner. If you are e-mailing someone, you should never end your mail with "Either way, thanks for your time". E-mail is not one hundred percent reliable and... read more

Bartering With Trust

It's the key to bartering successfully and in most cases it's a verbal or written agreement between two parties. It involves communication such as e-mailing, speaking on the phone, sending pictures to each other and ... read more

Afraid to Ask

At times it may be a little intimidating to become a new member in a large group of people. Maybe like the first day of school! But just like any other new situation, you eventually start to become more comfortable within ... read†more

Legalities of Bartering

Is Bartering Legal? I'm amazed how often this question is asked. Speaking to people I get the "good way to avoid taxes" with a nudge, nudge...wink, wink. This coming from successful business owners who I thought would have... read more

Advantages of B2B

If you're a business owner then you know how much money goes into purchasing your products, supplies or services. Bartering is what makes your company more successful and what makes you a savvy business business owner. You gain more ... read more

Barter Terms

So you've decided to start bartering and you happen to come across words like, "The Boot" and "Horse Trader." If you're familiar with these terms then you're one step ahead. If they seem a bit confusing, not to worry.†Here's a brief explanation... read more

Personal Bartering

You may not be a professional but you may have some time to spare or be very talented in certain aspects of your life. Something as simple as bartering personal business services can help you tremendously. You may going away on holidays and... read more

Home Exchange

Home exchange is a great alternative†for families on a budget or for people who want to travel adventurously. It's a very affordable way to travel because you save on hotel fees and expensive restaurants. If the other party is willing to exchange... read more

Barter Misconceptions

Bartering is beneficial no matter what financial bracket you fall into. When it comes to items, itís simply something you no longer need or use, replaced with something you do. If itís services, itís an exchange of† professional skills ...read more

Remain Active

So you've signed up with one or more barter clubs and now it's a matter of waiting for someone to contact you, right? Wrong. Undoubtedly, one barter club may not work for everyone but keep in mind that your success is up to you. You need to... read more

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