But I Have Nothing To Barter

Oh yes you do, everyone has something to offer. It can be an item that you no longer use, a service or a skill.

If you barter an item you no longer need, you not only remove a little clutter from the house but you save money, help someone else and get something you can really use in return.

If you are an artist or musician, you can barter your talent by offering  music or art lessons in return for what you need. 

A skill can be something as simple as helping someone's child learn how to throw that curveball or teaching the neighbour down the street how to use her new digital camera.

You may know of someone going away on holidays and they may need someone to walk the family pet, mow the lawn, tend to the pool, water the plants or anything around the house for that matter.

These are just a few examples but it just goes to show that you're only limited by your imagination.

John C Moore is the Co-owner and Editor of http://www.u-exchange.com
A worldwide barter website dedicated in providing consumers and business owners a variety of ways to barter services and goods at no cost. He is also the author of Barter 101, an informative guide for people who are new to bartering online.


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