Advantages of Business Bartering

Business to Business & Business to Consumer

If you're a business owner then you know how much money goes into purchasing your products, supplies or services. Bartering is what makes your company more successful and what makes you a savvy business owner. You gain more customers in the process because these are not people that you would have normally done business with.

You have more to gain than just new customers, once you've bartered successfully with another business owner you open yourself up to a new business relationship that can help your company grow for years to come.

Bartering online makes it easy to approach companies that you may never have thought of doing business with. Joining an online barter club is a simple way to find people in your area willing to barter for services. You have the advantage of checking in on a daily basis to see if a new member has listed and if they are in need of your services.

If you're not looking for anything in particular, then it's a good idea to add that you are open to suggestions. It may be a trade that you never even thought of, but a service you could certainly use.

For example, if I'm a carpet cleaner and I need work done on my vehicle, I'm not going to go to every body shop in my town asking each owner if they need carpet cleaning work done. It takes too much time and effort, not to mention the fact that bothering business owners while they're dealing with customers is usually frowned upon.

Now if I should come across an auto body shop owner's listing on a barter website and the owner specifies that he is open to any trade, I would definitely contact him. We would then make an agreement that we are both comfortable with and by the end of the deal we are both very pleased each other's services. We have now forged a business relationship, giving each other referrals when the opportunity arises and would contact each other first when looking to make a trade again. Itís a win-win situation.

It can be confusing as to which organization to join when there are so many barter websites available. Some companies deal with barter currency, some charge membership or transaction fees and some are free. The best suggestion I can offer is to shop around and decide what is right for you.

Make sure whichever company you decide to deal with supplies you with ample information on how their system works and that they have good customer service. If you are unsure of something, it doesn't hurt to ask questions before making the decision to join. Many people who enjoy bartering are not just members of one organization; you can join a few and start weeding out the ones that don't seem to be working for you.

Be aware of any hidden fees because although a company may state that there is only a membership fee, you may still have to pay a percentage on a transaction or an annual fee for being a member. If it gets too confusing, move on to someone else.

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