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First Name/Nickname amanda
Preferred Language 1 English
Preferred Language 2
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City sacramento
State/Province California
Country United States
ZIP/Postal 95822
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What I Have To Offer : Soo, I am looking to trade general merchandise and household goods (all Brand New in origional packages) for a running vehicle with up to date tags.. I am a single mother, and with winter coming up quickly, not having reliable transportation would be a huge problem. I am not concerned on make or style as long as it runs good and has current tags.

The type of merchandise I currently have includes but is not limited to:

Art Supplies - Pens, Pencils, Watercolors, Pastels, Markers, Brush-Tip Markers, ect.. from quality brand names such as Faber-Castell, Artist's Loft, Steadtler, Master's Touch, Derwent, and koh-I-Nor, ect.

Pet Supplies - Pumps, Collar Leashes, Harnesses, Lights, Flea med, Clippers, nail Clippers, ect. also all brand names

Personal - products by Oral-B, Olay, Nexxus, Redkin, Its a 10, ect.

I even have kitchen shit.. Things like Knives to Cookwear, i even have a Remote Cooking Thermometer, ect..

Baby and Kid items like - Bijorn baby carrier, Breast Pump, Slip-n-Slide, baby water shoes, baby tap shoes, ect..

Plus i have a buttload of novelty and random items..

this post is quickly becoming much lengthier then expected, if anyoune is genuinly interested in a possible trade, please dont hesitate, and i will give you a full list of items, plus any new items that i might have.. thank you, have a fantastic day.. :)

also, the items listed or unlisted have the potential to change frequently, and can be added to by personal request, for serious buyers.. ;)
What I'm Looking For : any decently running vehicle (nothing that will take time or money to get running) with current registration

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