Meaning of Barter

Have some websites forgotten the meaning of barter?We've opted for a barter only website. Some sites offer trade and sell features, which is great for people who'd like both options.

However, we've been seeing more and more websites claiming to have different forms of bartering such as cash for goods. In our book this is called "selling". When has selling become a form of barter? Last time we checked, this was the meaning;

bar·ter [ barter ]
verb (past and past participle bar·tered, present participle
bar·ter·ing, 3rd person present singular bar·ters)


1. transitive and intransitive verb exchange goods or services: to exchange goods or services in return for other goods or services

2. intransitive verb negotiate terms of agreement: to negotiate or argue over the terms of a transaction noun


1. exchange of goods or services: the practice or system of exchanging goods and services

2. things bartered: goods or services that are exchanged

John C. Moore


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