Barter as a Gift

How? All of us have a family member or a friend thatís in need of something. You can barter items you no longer use or your professional services for something in return that a loved one needs.

Like what? Okay, letís say youíre a website designer. Your sister just moved into a new home and itís a real fixer-upper. Money is kind of tight for her right now. Thereís a Painter listed on U-Exchange thatís open to offers. You can create a website for the painter in return for equal value of his services to paint your sisterís home. You canít get a nicer gift than that. Maybe you have an extra lawnmower, air conditioner or refrigerator that the painter could really use.

Bartering as a gift isnít just for someone whoís short on cash. It could be a special gift for a friend or relative that has everything and is very hard to buy for when their birthday or Christmas rolls around.† There could be a butcher down the road that is looking for someone to design a website for his business. Everyone could use some extra meat in the freezer right?

What about that nice Bed and Breakfast that needs a website. You could barter for a weekend getaway either for yourself or your brother and his wife as Christmas gift.

You can barter for gift certificates with hairdstylists, restaurants, massage therapists, the list is endless.

The next time youíre speaking to a business owner, ask yourself, could I barter with this person? Could I, or someone I care about, really benefit from his or her services? Chances are, the answer is yes.

Some people are hesitant to ask but you have to remember that youíre not asking for this business owner to do something for you free of charge, bartering isnít a hand out. Youíre offering something in return that is of equal value. Having said that however, you do need to be realistic in what youíre offering. The butcher isnít going to accept homemade crafts in return for half a cow.

Make your offer, leave your business card or phone number and the next time he needs services or items that you just so happen to offer, who will he call?


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