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Auto TradesIf†you've ever tried to sell a bike, boat or car, you know all about haggling. Sure some people enjoy it but many of us get irritated when weíre offered a ridiculous amount of money for something we paid our hard earned cash on. Granted you donít use the vehicle muchanymore, but it's still like new!

If youíre lucky, you sell it for close to value. If youíve had your fill of haggling, you usually do one of two things. Hang on to the vehicle; knowing full well that someone could have really used it or you sell it for much less than you felt it was worth. If you opted for the latter, you probably felt like you were throwing your money away.

The benefit of trading is that your item will hold more of its value. Both parties receive an item they truly want, otherwise there is no deal. It also didn't cost either one of you a penny.

If youíre bartering for a vehicle that is worth more than yours, then thatís when the
boot kicks in. Iíll take your vehicle and give you mine, plus $2,000 to boot.

You may feel that your vehicle is worth more because of the money and time you've spent customizing. But what it's worth to you and what itís really worth, are two different things. You have to be realistic in your expectations. Letís face it; you know youíll never get back what you paid for it. With bartering, you wonít get the money back that you invested in the vehicle but you will get more value in return. Now time to trade that bike for the car you want.

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